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A A Shipping LLC  established in 1990, is among the major players in the world-wide vehicle transportation industry. Besides carrying factory new cars, We  are today a world leader in transportation of used vehicles and High/Heavy rolling stock.

AA Shipping  enjoys a world-wide reputation for first-class handling of ro/ro cargo. We have built that reputation over the years on the strength of our comprehensive damage protection and quality assurance programme, covering both human and equipment components.

A A Shipping is an international freight services company founded and managed by transportation and logistics management specialists. Through its comprehensive service of integrated logistics, the company is able to provide domestic and international transportation of various type of cargoes

AA Shipping  has always been committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers and to meet their requirements and expectations. In order to achieve this level of performance we are working in accordance with an active programme of setting standards, communicating with our customers, measuring results and performance and to continously improving our quality management system.


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